Mision & Vision

Mision of Beyond My Comfort Zone

Sharing Experiences in Sports & Life Challenges through #BeyondMyComfortZone motto

We would love to help others just encouraging themselves to “Go Out of their personal Comfort Zone” towards a more exciting and meaningful existence,…

So at #BeyondMyComfortZone, the “My” means that your Comfort Zone is different to anyone else’s,…

Then you need to find out first where are yours and then start from there, little by little but in a never stop process and avoid to relay on your comfortness again or you will get stuck!! 

So go out and work on your own #BeyondMyComfortZone and enjoy it!! Live the adventure!!

Vision of Beyond My Comfort Zone

 “Sports in general is not only a “super cool” activity but also the most powerful drive change instrument as an educational tool for us and our children.

Sport are also a great life mirror to:

  • Handle effort & objectives consecution
  • Continuously improvement & productivity
  • Success & learning (there is no failure in my/our dictionary :),… )”