About Quin

Joaquin F. Gomez M

My full name is Joaquin F. Gomez M. And I am from Canary Islands, Spain.

Why Quin then? As you have notice already the Joaquin pronunciation is pretty complicated even sometimes for Spaniards, moreover for foreigners so … they nicely started calling me Quin.

Talking about life motivations I have always consider myself a cyclist even when I stoped riding for long time. Also I am an addicted Sport Traveler to the mountains for skiing every winter & every summer to the ocean for windsurfing. Also occasional trail runner at Spartan Races (EE.UU, Slovenia, Spain), 1/2 Marathon, 10k,…

Right now I am a proud fun and flexible Trek Travel cycling guide :))))

Trek Travel has been awarded many times by specific touroperator web-sites rankings like World Best Awards of Travel Leisure.

At the moment I have lead more than 35 trips between Provence, French Alps, Andalucia, Vuelta de España and Canary Islands always following the Trek Travel higher standards of quality and service.

Particularly I have to thank my beloved guest to scored me to the top,… Thanks for being so nice to me!!!


Also I am Shimano and Trek Bikes pro-mechanic certified, I love bikes!!

Pretty boring but useful background as Site & Project Manager. Also as brand manager, for more than 12 years after finishing my degree at M. Civil Engineering, boring? :))

Also later on I did an E-MBA,… I loved it!!!!

Starting by the end,… my big secret, “When I am at #MyOutComfortZone, there is not possible failure, I’ll either succeed or learn,…”. (Long time ago I eliminated the word failure from my daily vocabulary).

Being out of Your Comfort Zone it is not easy but needed if you want to pursue new objectives, improve at any facet of your life and definitely feel better with yourself.

Now the “bad news” (actually good ones to me) this process of continuously improvement does never end.

So for that reason we will also share my future challenges, the steps we will follow and the tools we use to make #MyOutComfortZone as successful as possible.

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